Full Valet From £180

Ultimate Full Valet From £220

Interior Valet From £85

Leather Treatments From £60

Vinyl/Signwriting Removal £45 per hour

Extra Services
Interior Valet From £85




All prices are from and will vary depending on the size of the vehicle or the condition if heavily soiled, Dog hair and Mold removal will cost more to remove.

Interior Valet From £85, Large cars and 4x4s from £100


Please allow 2-4 Hours


    • Carpets, floor mats, seats and  fabric hand and machine shampooed
    • Leather is cleaned and protected 
    • Boot area vacuumed and cleaned, including spare tyre area
    • Dashboard and fascia, interior plastics and door
      panels cleaned and dressed
    • Air vents and ashtrays cleaned, air freshener to eliminate odours






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