Mini-Detail From £70

Exec Mini-Detail From £160

Protection Detail From £300

Kenolon Ceramic Shield Protection from £600

New Car Preparation From £400

Hi-shine Level 1 Enhancement Machine Polish From £400

Hi-shine Level 2 Paint Correction From £700
Protection Detail From £300

This is great value and will give your vehicle the best protection against our harsh weather. This detail does not involve any machine polishing.

All prices are from and will vary depending on the size of the vehicle or the condition if heavily soiled or contaminated.

* Wheels are cleaned using an acid free cleaner and an assortment of brushes
* Arches and door shuts are cleaned using an assortment of safe brushes
* A citrus degreaser is applied to the lower half of the vehicle then rinsed
* A PH balanced snow foam is applied to the whole vehicle
* The vehicle is now washed 2bm with a PH balanced shampoo then rinsed
* The bodywork of the vehicle is then clay-barred using a mild clay and quick detailing lube to remove all bonded contaminants from the bodywork to give a smooth glass like feel to the paintwork which will allow the sealant and wax bond better to the paintwork and last longer
* The vehicle is now dried using only soft plush towels and a quick detail spray
* All nooks and crannies hoovered free of water
* All paintwork is now polished by hand using a gloss enhancing polish which helps clean the top surface of paint, remove any old wax and helps maximise gloss
* An acrylic crystal polymer sealant is now applied to the paintwork and doorshuts
* After a suitable curing time the sealant is buffed off
* Now 1 coat of wax is applied panel by panel to add maximum protection and gloss to the paintwork
* Alloys are then protected with a wheel wax/sealent
* All glass cleaned inside and out
* Exterior windscreen will be sealed
* Exhaust's tips polished and sealed
* Tyre's dressed with a non-sling satin finish dressing
* The bodywork is then given a final wipedown with a QD to add maximum gloss and protection
* Interior is hoovered and plastics dusted

You can also add any extra's onto this detail from an engine detail to leather treatment or a fabric guard to protect from spillages


Polite Notice:


Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel a booking, Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a surcharge of 50% of your service cost. Failure to be present on the day of booking will result in the full cost of your service being charged.

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