Mini-Detail From £70

Exec Mini-Detail From £160

Protection Detail From £300

Kenolon Ceramic Shield Protection from £600

New Car Preparation From £400

Hi-shine Level 1 Enhancement Machine Polish From £400

Hi-shine Level 2 Paint Correction From £700
Exec Mini-Detail From £160

This is a great service to help maintain your vehicle through-out the year especially in winter!

All prices are from and will vary depending on the size of the vehicle or the condition if heavily soiled.

From £160 Large cars and 4x4s From £180

* Wheels are deep cleaned
* Arches and door shuts are cleaned
* A citrus degreaser is applied to the lower half of the vehicle then rinsed
* A PH balanced snow foam is applied to the whole vehicle 
* The vehicle is now washed 2bm with a PH balanced shampoo then rinsed
* The vehicle is now dried using only soft plush towels and a quick detail spray
* All nooks and crannies blown free of water
* Paintwork is now polished and glazed
* Bodywork is then waxed 
* Glass cleaned inside and out
* Inside area and boot hoovered
* Dash, centre console and all plastics dusted and dressed
* Exhaust's tips polished
* Tyre's and arches dressed with a satin finish dressing.


Polite Notice:


Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel a booking, Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a surcharge of 50% of your service cost. Failure to be present on the day of booking will result in the full cost of your service being charged.

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