Mini-Detail From £70

Exec Mini-Detail From £160

Protection Detail From £300

Kenolon Ceramic Shield Protection from £600

New Car Preparation From £400

Hi-shine Level 1 Enhancement Machine Polish From £400

Hi-shine Level 2 Paint Correction From £700
Hi-shine Level 1 Enhancement Machine Polish From £400

Most vehicles new or old can all benefit from Level 1 machine polishing. This will help eliminate some minor defects in the paint and will add a high gloss finish. This will remove some minor defects such as swirl marks, marring and holograms that many of todays drive through and poor hand car washes inflict into your paintwork!
After this your car will turn heads!

This detail will take a full day to complete

* Wheels are cleaned using an acid free cleaner and an assortment of brushes
* Arches and door shuts are cleaned using an assortment of safe brushes
* A citrus degreaser is applied to the lower half of the vehicle then rinsed
* A PH balanced snow foam is applied to the whole vehicle
* After dwelling for 5 mins the vehicle is then rinsed
* Your vehicle will be extensively washed using a ph neutral shampoo
* I will inspect your paintwork prior to commencing using specialist lighting then
   Using a PTG I will take paint thickness measurements from numerous places on
   every panel
* The whole vehicle will then be clay-barred to remove all bonded contaminants
* The vehicle will be masked up using a special bodyshop tape
* Your vehicle will then be machine polished using a polishing pad and a finishing polish
* The vehicle will then be wiped down with a specialist cleaner to remove any polish left in the      paint  to prepare the vehicle for a sealant or wax
* You can then choose what sealant or wax you want to finish the paintwork from
   a range to suit you and your vehicle*
* Exhaust tips will be polished
* Wheels will have a wheel wax or sealant applied
* Interior will also have a mini detail

You can also add any extra's onto this detail from an engine detail to leather treatment or a fabric guard to protect from spillages


Polite Notice:

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel a booking, Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a surcharge of 50% of your service cost. Failure to be present on the day of booking will result in the full cost of your service being charged.

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