Mini-Detail From £70

Exec Mini-Detail From £160

Protection Detail From £300

Kenolon Ceramic Shield Protection from £600

New Car Preparation From £400

Hi-shine Level 1 Enhancement Machine Polish From £400

Hi-shine Level 2 Paint Correction From £700
New Car Preparation From £400



Unbelieveable as it seems new vehicles are normally handed over not looking as good as they should and have defects already spoiling the finish of your new car purchase. The exterior of a new vehicle will have already had a hard start in life due to poor finishing at the factory, harsh transportation where the paintwork can suffer from bonded contamination, holograms and normally marring and swirls inflicted by very poor dealer preparation. Its at this point that most vehicles receive most damage as many are prepared hastily using dirty sponges, brooms or old chamois's. 

Nearly all dealers will also offer you a never polish or wax you car again "wonder sealant" or "protection package" for your vehicle to protect your paintwork and interior for up to 10 years. Dealers normally charge anywhere from between £400 to £899 for a product that they buy in for next to nothing. These products are often not applied properly inflicting more swirls and damage by their sub standard wash techniques and end up locking in the defects with there 2 stage wonder sealant. Some dealers charge for the rpoduct but actually never even apply it!

This is where Hi-shine comes in, Commission us to prepare your vehicle using some of the best products and methods available. You can be assured and safe in the knowledge that your car isn't just another vehicle to be hastily prepared in a couple of hours. We will spend anywhere from 6 to 10 hours preparing your vehicle to a real stunning finish.
All new car preparations are tailored to meet your requirements and budget and finished using either the latest Zaino sealents or Waxes which include Collinite, Raceglaze 55 siganture and Swissvax best of show.  
We are pleased to announce that we also offer Kenolon Ceramic Shield, The ultimate in paint protection

This detail will normally take between 8 to 12 hours to complete.

* Wheels are cleaned using an acid free cleaner and an assortment of brushes
* Arches and door shuts are cleaned using an assortment of safe brushes
* A citrus degreaser is applied to the lower half of the vehicle then rinsed
* All transport wax will be safely removed
* A PH balanced snow foam is applied to the whole vehicle
* Your vehicle will be extensively washed using a ph neutral shampoo
* Vehicle will be dried using plush soft towels
* I will inspect your paintwork prior to commencing using specialist lighting then
   using a PTG I will take paint thickness measurements from numerous places on
   every panel
* The whole vehicle will then be clay-barred to remove all bonded contaminants
* Vehicle will then be rewashed and dried with plush soft towels
* Your vehicle will then be machine polished where needed using a finishing polish to remove paint defects such as fine swirling and marring to restore  a Hi-gloss Hi-shine perfect finish
* The vehicle will then be wiped down with a specialist cleaner to remove any polish left in the paint
* A glaze will then be hand or machine applied to prepare the surface for wax
* You can then choose what sealent or wax you want to finish the paintwork from a range to suit you and your vehicle (Upgrades to Kenolon Ceramic Shield available for an additional £200-£250)
* Exhaust tips will be polished
* Wheels will have a wheel wax or sealant applied
* Interior will cleaned and prepared using a fabric guard to help prevent against stains from spillages and leather will be cleansed and protected
* Exterior windows will be sealed using a specialist glass sealant

* This detail can be carried out at the dealership (with approval from dealer) prior to collection or can be carried out at anywhere suitable that suits you.


Polite Notice:


Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel a booking, Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a surcharge of 50% of your service cost. Failure to be present on the day of booking will result in the full cost of your service being charged.





Upgrade your sealant to Kenolon Ceramic Shield for an additional £200-£250

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